Ève Magot, 2021

t'es qui toi - workshop danse et vidéos - Eve Magot t'es qui toi - workshop danse et vidéos - Eve Magot t'es qui toi - workshop danse et vidéos - Eve Magot t'es qui toi - workshop danse et vidéos - Eve Magot

“In April 2021 I met for 2 days with humans from the Gérard de Nerval high school in Soissons. I asked them the question “Who are you?” and I asked them to list sub-questions to answer it. We wrote, we listened to each other, we gave ourselves up, with sincerity and an extremely touching depth. They gave me so much confidence in the future. The future is them. We danced, improvised a lot and enjoyed working on the notion of portraiture. A collaboration with Thibaut Ras of All We Can Do Is Dance who created this beautiful object offers a trace of this short and intense adventure.” Bo

“Those 3 days went by so fast, it was like being in a bubble, far from judgment, far from bad looks that make us curl up on ourselves, there was only kindness and sharing of oneself, it was incredible. It was the most beautiful way to end my senior year. Thank you.”

“This workshop was an unforgettable experience. We all learned so much about dance and our bodies, but above all we were enriched in human terms thanks to the speakers. Kevin has done a wonderful job of dancing and collective introspection that I think will greatly advance us in our personal lives. The images that were captured are authentic portraits of each of us and prove that everyone can dance, no matter what age, sex, experience or self-confidence one has. Again, a big thank you to him, Thibault, Clara, and Zoe from l’Echangeur, as well as the art teachers for giving us the opportunity to participate in this project (and for also allowing us to walk/run/dance in socks around the school, it was a lot of fun).”

“I initially signed up for this workshop because my friends urged me to, thinking I would just have a good time with them.
From the very first morning, I was amazed, impressed, overwhelmed and I could not wait to continue.
These three days allowed me to discover strangers and rediscover my friends, but above all to rediscover myself. It was not only dancing, it was sharing, emotions, learning, pleasure, letting go, it was intense.
Thanks to Kevin, Thibaut, Clara and Zoé for having transported us.
Thank you to the teachers for allowing us to live this adventure.
Now, all we can do is dance.”

“I must have signed up on a whim thinking I would learn to dance better. And I ended up (re) discovering myself. I arrived Saturday morning in a group of people not knowing many people and trying to beat a shyness that has always accompanied me. I met some incredible people, a breathtaking humanity! I have learned to know myself and to really live. And, although I still have a long way to go on the work of my shyness, I have accomplished an extraordinary work in 3 days. I never would have done it without these people and without that headshot. So maybe it was crazy to accept to dance in the middle of a corridor, in a high school, but it is one of the most beautiful craziness of my life. And for that, thank you.”

These last three days were really intense, incredible, physical and fabulous. I met some really great students, each one more atypical than the other. Discovering dance through the word first by introducing oneself and by doing an inner work on oneself was really very interesting. I dared to dance and I loved it! The speakers were so inspiring, Kevin knew how to put us in confidence and all his actions, his words, his interventions were very accurate and reassuring. He is an amazing person as this project was crazy. I am very happy to have participated and I invite everyone who has the opportunity to do so to participate in projects like this. A thousand thanks to the teachers who organized this project and who trusted us! This workshop has given me more confidence and a new passion for dance! I can’t wait to see this project finished.”

The workshop was like a bubble where we were free to express ourselves with our bodies. I was able to take a new look at dance, at myself and at others. I also gained a lot of confidence: I danced several times in the middle of the courtyard when I hardly dared to do it at home. In a period of race against the clock, this bubble allowed us to get back in touch with the human being, to take the time to open up and smile at the other in an improvised gesture, to observe each other to synchronize… To make a long story short, it was a great experience that I won’t forget.”

“I made a small animation accompanied by the following short text that synthesizes all the emotions I felt:
To blossom, to grow, to dance.
To bond, to share, to listen to each other.
Everything else is gone.
Nothing but bodies,
Bodies in harmony,
Powerful bodies.
Bodies in unison,
Hearts in tune.
Letting go.
Ending on a high note.”


This little word for my return to the worshop, this one was very frightening to me at the beginning, because I was never used to show what I felt, what I thought, to dance, to speak… and by listening and looking at the others, it allowed me to see things in a different way, to see the world in a more open way, to understand a lot of things about the opening of one’s heart… so I thank everyone for having opened doors to freedom for me.”

“For me, the worshop brought me confidence, it also allowed me to discover a part of myself that I didn’t know and to let go.
Thank you again for these incredible adventures that you make us live.”

Doing this workshop gave me the impression to float out of time, I was like on a little cloud, light and full of strength at the same time. At first I had a hard time letting go because dancing in front of my classmates is not that easy. But I ended up flying away, trusting the other, the little flame that I usually keep well hidden finally burst out and it felt good. It’s thanks to the group, thanks to you, and of course it’s thanks to all the people who accompanied us during these 3 days, always in a benevolent way, thanks Kevin, Thibault, Clara, Zoé and thanks to the teachers ! You are the best of the best.”

This workshop helped me enormously to gain self-confidence, it made me realize that I could do something with my body, that the look of others was not important. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I managed to discover a part of myself that was previously invisible. I was able to free myself and feel myself. I also had a great time with my friends and I am grateful to you for giving us such great adventures.”


Here you can discover some examples of the interventions carried out by La Fronde.

The artists of La Fronde are experts in transmitting and creating devices for sharing their living arts and their works (dances, singings, choreographies, performance techniques).

They are trained, qualified and defend pedagogies that move away from relationships of domination and violence and encourage cooperation, the enhancement of self and differences, artistic practices as arts of transformation.

Our artistic practices take different forms and are designed to be shared: sometimes during performances, sometimes during practice times and workshops in which the participants are actors and physically engage in the discovery of our worlds.

We refuse the border between stage practice and practice with the public, as well as the devaluation of the latter. The research we carry out takes different forms: sometimes we need to be alone or with privileged collaborators, sometimes we need and want to open our experiments to a wider public.

We co-create meeting and practice devices tailored to the reflections that drive us and the partnerships that we develop.

Contact us if you wish that we imagine and design together interventions on measures in your theaters, in school, hospital (IME, EPHAD, hospital) or prison.

La Fronde’s workshops are open to all: novices, curious people, enlightened amateurs, professionals; and cultivate welcoming and non-discriminatory spaces. They can take the form of :

– time of transmissions and discoveries of the contemporary dance and its fundamentals.

– long time to dive deeper into the technical fundamentals of our arts but also the specific universe of each of our works.

A few examples:

COVEN by Nina Santes is a one-week experimental worshop in non-mixed selected.

Prendre le large, Rêver-les, Saisir au passage et ses Constellations are projects carried out in collaboration with Agathe Pfauwadel and the Pasarela Company since 2012 and in partnership with the department of Seine Saint Denis, the DRAC IDF, the ARS, the IME Itard, the IME Moulins Gémeaux.

– “Who are you ?” by Ève Magot : project “When dance meets digital arts” supported by L’échangeur-CDCN Hauts-de-France in partnership with the Hauts-de-France Region as part of the “Education, Practice and Cultural Awareness Paths”.

SOME OTHER PARADISES by Ève Magot is a participative piece that was created at the same time as the trio SOME PARADISES.

– CLEA (local contract of artistic education) in partnership with La Briqueterie CDCN and the DRAC IDF-Ministry of culture in 2015

– Interventions in classes with dance and circus options.

– Project “When dance meets philosophy” in Laon, fr.

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