Nina Santes, 2024

Wet Songs is an experimental musical for five performers coming from different artistic backgrounds – dance, music, spoken word and opera. Steeped in radical science-fiction, the « Wet Songs » emerge from a time of great climatic and emotional drought. 

What has been plundered from us and what has dried us up? What potions can we use to remedy the situation? What dances and songs will we use to stop the anaesthetic
break the barriers, re-irrigate the affects, bring tears to the eyes, let a laughter out, making mouths water?

Wet Songs imagines the invention of a hydro-community in search of gestures, sounds and words to dissolve borders and binaries, to make way for more fluid becomings…

Exhausted by stories of extraction and separation, the members of the community gather around a strange kitchen, mixing stories, moods, eras and aesthetics in the manner of mash-ups, tides or alchemy.

Their fictional bodies create an art of the hybrid in the same way that remedies are made.

CALENDARResidencies/Public performances
23 oct – 04 nov 23Research and development residency, Centre Chorégraphique National d’Orléans
27 nov – 02 dec 24Research and development residency, Manège de Reims
02 dec 24Wet Songs, practice sharing, Manège de Reims
26 feb – 6 mar 24Creative residency, Manège de Reims (public opening on 6th March)
6 mar 24Wet Songs, practice sharing, Manège de Reims
14-16 mar 24Wet Songs, practice sharing, El Caldo Festival, Zurich, Switzerland
14 apr 24Wet Songs, practice sharing, CCNO, Centre Chorégraphique National d’Orléans
14-21 apr 24Creative residency, Fondation Royaumont
27-29 juneWriting residency, CND, Paris
01-5 july 24Creative residency, Le Carreau du Temple, Paris
5 July Presentation of the work-in-progress for professionals, Le Carreau du Temple, Paris
23-27 septWriting residency, Paris
07-18 oct 24Creative residency, CCNO, Centre Chorégraphique National d’Orléans
12 oct 24Wet Songs – Performance and end of association, CCNO, Centre Chorégraphique National d’Orléans
04-15 nov 24Creative residency, Charleroi-Danse, Brussels, Belgium.
15 nov 24Presentation of the work-in-progress for professionals, Charleroi-Danse, Brussels, Belgium (to be confirmed)
24 nov – 06 dec 24Writing Residency, Honolulu and Maison trouble, Nantes, Fr.
1 dec 24Dancing and singing conference on Wet Songs, Festival Le Grand HUIT, Nantes, Fr.
13-18 Jan 25Creative residency, Libre Usine, Lieu Unique, Nantes
February 2025Preview – Festival Parallèle,
Marseille (under discussion)
Feb-March 25Creative residency ( 10 days- venues in progress)
May 25Creative residency, CDCN La
Briqueterie – 10 days
September 2025Premieres – Festival
Excentriques – CDCN La Briqueterie.

Conception and choregraphyNina Santes
Creation and performanceDalila Khatir (singing and danse), Wol (singing, trumpet, beatbox), Sati Veyrunes (singing and danse), Makeda Monnet (lyrical song, harp, danse), Silex Silence (spoken word and danse) 
Light creationLouise Rustan
Sound creationAria de la Celle
AccessoriesCharlotte Gautier Van Tour
Eco-conception coachingAnnie Leuridan
Technical Coordination Steven Le Corre
Administration, production, developmentBarbara Coffy, Tiphanie Chauvin
ProductionLa Fronde
CoproductionsCentre Chorégraphique National d’Orléans – CCNO, Le Manège, scène nationale-Reims, Charleroi Danse – Bruxelles, Tremplin ARVIVA – Sustainable initiatives for performing arts, Carreau du Temple, Lieu Unique in the frame of Libre Usine, La Briqueterie CDCN (confirmed)
The project is a winner of the Tremplins ARVIVA encouraging sustainable initiatives in the performing arts, and is supported by the Mécénat de la Caisse des Dépôts.
Nina Santes benefits from the Associate Artist programme set up by the Ministry of Culture, at the Centre Chorégraphique National d’Orléans from 2021 to 2023
Nina Santes and La Fronde are also associated artist with the Manège – Scène nationale de Reims, from September 2021 to June 2024
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