Nina Santes - La Fronde, 2019


Nina Santes disturbs reality in her creations investing processes of transformation of bodies and thoughts. Surrounded by mistresses of ceremony and a community of artists, she unfolds for a single – but long – night, multiple fictions in a space of collective transgression.

The night would be an opportunity to “dream the dark”, as they say. So, to melt together in the darkness, Nina Santes has concocted in complicity with the Atelier de Paris, a crossing inspired by feminist science fiction, a great speculative fabulation, a dive into fictions, visions. Imagined with artists from all horizons, this night promises a free immersive journey full of hybridizations: fiction colonizes reality, assignments are diluted and views are reversed. From banquets to almost magical rituals, from performative situations to a great jubilant party, the night of all fictions exchanges our certainties for a collective future that will last, at least until dawn.

Through the Duo(s) program, the SACD proposes that authors, in complicity with directors of structures, conceive together an event whatever its format and duration. The objective is to co-sign a program and to jointly imagine the ways in which the public in all its diversity will be led to experience it.

Performative BanquetNina Santes, Célia Gondol, Louise Siffert, Association Les Mères de la Place des fêtes
McAina Alegre & Lise Vermot
Refuge of the FuturBo / Kevin Jean, Magda Kachouche
ShowsSarah Vanhee, Antonia Baer & Latifa Laâbissi
Outdoor Performances Floral ParkAina Alegre, Célia Gondol, Ana Pi, Lynda Rahal, Nina Santes, Betty Tchomanga
Dj setLouise Vermot
macultureArticle de Tadeo Kohan
mouvementArticle de Leslie Cassagne
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