Ève Magot, 2015

SOME OTHER PARADISES is a participatory creation project which made it possible to share with groups of 12 to 17 voluntary amateurs the questions and experiences that we went through during the creation of the trio SOME PARADISES.

These two interconnected creative projects have mutually contaminated each other and enable to respond differently to questions about paradises, dreams, cohabitation, coexistence, struggle and gentleness.

We met, we danced, we went through experiences together, we talked, we shared our intimacy, we sniffed, discovered, tamed, touched, we played, sweated, paraded, we closed our eyes with power, breathed with sincerity, improvised with tenderness, waved with honesty, laughed with the mouth, we smiled gently, we assumed our strengths and weaknesses, we fought for our paradises, together, for them to exist.

ConceptionEve Magot
in collaboration alterning withAlexis Jestin, Bastien Lefevre
Sound and light designEve Magot, Alexis Jestin, Bastien Lefevre
Length40 minutes
Production La Fronde
CoproductionLa Briqueterie CDCN Val de Marne
Le manège de Reims – scène nationale, Reims
Théâtre Arles, scène conventionnée nouvelles écritures
17th april 2018Théâtre Arles, scène conventionnée nouvelles écritures
13rd – 15th may 2017Derida Dance Center, Sofia, Bulgarie
12nd december 2015La Briqueterie – CDCN du Val-de-Marne
13rd novembre 2015Le manège de Reims – scène nationale, Reims
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