Nina Santes, 2019

Accompanied by Soa de Muse, Nina Santes proposes a rereading of the famous Greek legend of “Pyramus and Thisbe”, told by Ovid and transposed centuries later in Shakespeare’s famous play, Romeo and Juliet. An artistic gesture, sung, danced and performed.

Pyramus&Thisbe has been known since antiquity thanks to
the Metamorphoses by Ovide. It is one of the oldest tales of tragic love, an inspiration for the great love myths of the West, including Tristan&Yseult, Romeo&Juliet… We know the story: two lovers make a choice of freedom and transgression of norms. For that choice they pay a deadly price. Through time, these myths permeate our perception, our relationship to morality, to norms, to prohibitions. Love becomes a space of social divisions, of sentences and religious laws, a binary conflict pitting good marriage against deadly passion. Many centuries later, while conservatism and fascism arrise again, how do we change the narrative?

The performance of Nina Santes and Soa de Muse summons the Metamorphoses as a narrative of transformation, but also as a possible transformation of the narrative. To let oneself be crossed by the ghosts, and with them invent the next chapter.

Pyramus+Thisbe is a moment of radical tenderness, a celebration of the bodies of forbidden lovers, those who live, and those who have mingled with the earth, and who may be blooming today our gardens, gorging the fruits we savor, abounding our streams, our fountains, washing our naked bodies of old skins, of old myths of Europe.

Conception and makingNina Santes + Soa de Muse
Light desingAnnie Leuridan
Sound designRowan Sawday
ProductionLa Fronde
Co productionLa Pop
6th – 7th march 2020Ateliers de Paris CDCN
14th october 2019La Pop
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