Ève Magot x Casey, 2016

Les promesses du magma - kevin jean - casey - sujet à vif - sacd -festival avignon 2016 Les promesses du magma - kevin jean - casey - sujet à vif - sacd -festival avignon 2016 Les promesses du magma - kevin jean - casey - sujet à vif - sacd -festival avignon 2016

As part of the Sujets à Vif d’Avignon 2016, proposed by SACD and the Avignon Festival.

Magma’s promises is that one day it will explode, that under the pressure that rises the lava will flow, that it cannot be stopped.

“A big, disgusting eruption that sprays half of my crater from my guts, pulverizes forests, valleys and governments. I want to overflow my enclosure, I want to break down your fences, I want to smash my fences” Ève

“I want to dissolve the concrete, the dams, melt the bars. Reduce your pulse to zero with a clenched fist. I have serial killer urges. The outspokenness of those who have been treated like rotten fruit. I am the periphery, I am the ardor, I am the hysteria, I am the vodou, I am the immigration, I am the Islam, I am the fear. I just want some deep calm and enchantment.” Casey

Show seen and approved by Imhotep from I AM rap crew: “I liked the magma”.

Creation and performanceCasey et Ève Magot
Assited byNina Santes
Thanks toDj Kozi et Bastien Lefèvre
Duration30 minutes
ProductionLa Fronde et A-Parté
CoproductionSACD-Festival d’Avignon,
L’échangeur – CDCN – Hauts de France
La Ménagerie de Verre – Paris dans le cadre des Studiolab
Théâtre Louis Aragon – Tremblay-en-France

6th october 2016Festival C’est comme ça, L’échangeur – CDCN Hauts-de-France
18th – 23rd july 2016Festival d’Avignon, dans le cadre des Sujets à Vif 2016

“I feel like a volcano I was born a volcano I am an extinct volcano quiet calm on the surface lush green teeming rich with life and screams
My belly twists, digs, expands, fills, I am full, too full, I am building up pressure, I want to empty myself, to explode, to expel, to free myself
I want to erupt so that everything fizzles out so that everything changes so that I am destroyed so that the pressure makes my face explode so that something cracks even if it means blowing up my skull so that I can get my fluids back
A big disgusting eruption that makes half of my crater spurt out of my guts pulverizes forests valleys governments I want to overflow my enclosure I want to break down your barriers, I want to smash my barriers
I want to be an unrecognizable Mount Saint Helens
My roots are deep I’m here anchored I’ll be here afterwards yes I’ll be here with half my face ripped off unrecognizable relieved by this destruction of my identity but I’ll be here
I want it to be dirty, huge, smoky gray, asphyxiating, apocalyptic, as much as this sadness that runs through my room and melts my insides
Let this black hole implode, collapsing my chest and absorbing me relentlessly
Forward for the clean slate, the devastation, the annihilation and then maybe the relief
I want to empty myself I empty myself tears come out of my body without end I am ugly I am ugly these flows on my cheeks do not glow nicely in the dark I am ugly
I empty myself without noise little by little an overflow evacuated morning noon evening morning noon evening I empty myself alone I empty myself in my bed in the subway in the street in public at work at the coffee shop on my bike I empty myself my stomach agitates a vomit of sadness which turns me over which must go out I empty myself months of shits months of crying months of months of months
I am a Hawaiian volcano I am the young beautiful powerful Kilauea active all night long spitting hot liquid that flows down my sides filling my crevices advances without stopping hardened then advances again fluids flow down me empty me swallow me I swallow myself I dive into the ocean I spread out I am unbalanced I am an unbalanced guy my room dries up my pelvis bends I collapse under my own weight I am a dry caldera without life without emotions without desires nor desires
A galactic solitude where nothing resounds no noise no friends no children’s cries in the yard no wind in the leaves
Millennia pass, time slips through my fingers, this geological time that I don’t have but that imposes itself on me, on you, on us, this fucking time that slips and imposes itself
Lichen appears on my ridges colonies of lichens spongy mosses fragrant plants flowing shrubs colored shrubs hundred-year-old trees insects swarming rodents crawling mammals suckling warm and welcoming humus cries sounds of life I am traversed by life that spreads and I am colonized by life everywhere life surrounds me I feel empty life will fill me I know it life will fill me yes life will fill me a few more millennia and new crystals will grow in my eyes in my mouth in my caves my bowels in my kidneys under my feet in my sex in my belly in my words on my skin
A few more millennia of patience ” Ève

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