La Fronde, 2022


The night is a space and a time that we were deprived of in France during the pandemic. 

The night is a plunge into the dark, it soothes us, gives us energy for the day, allows us to conjure, transform, emerge, together. We believe that night is conducive to creation, resistance, transgression, and that within its darkness, collective visions and possibilities are born. 

The night belongs to all of us. We reclaim the night!

LA NUIT is a mini-festival of sensitive practices, encounters, performances, concerts, cabaret, clubbing, proposed by La Fronde.

It is an immersive experience that lasts. We want to take the time together to inhabit the dark, to inhabit the theatre, to inhabit our bodies and our otherness. And together, to watch the dawn break on a new day, as if on a promise. 

With LA NUIT, La Fronde invites artists from the fields of choreography, music and performance to share their worlds and practices in a different way, and to give a magical and political dimension to night-time gatherings. 

LA NUIT #2 – RECLAIM THE NIGHT took place on February 25 and 26, 2022 at Le Manège – Scène nationale de Reims. 


EVENING 1 /// FRI 25 FEB – 19:30 


With Eve Magot, Magda Kachouche, Annie Leuridan, NGAIO, Lynda Rahal, Nina Santes 

21:15 > 22:15 DECOLONISING THE DANCE FLOOR Habibitch 

Habibitch proposes a dance-conference as a tool for thinking about the systems that shape our daily social relationships. Racism, privilege(s), domination(s), resistance, creation, community(ies), fundamental concepts dissected under an acerbic, mobile decolonial magnifying glass, in a literal setting of movement giving rhythm to the speech. Decolonising the dancefloor is a performance in the image of its performer, embodied, complex, percussive, funny, resilient, committed, political.

22:45 > 23:45 PERFORMANCE – CONCERT Chouf and Trustfall 

Chouf is an artist whose work is part of a contemporary poetic tradition of the intimate. Her declamations accompanied by the guitarist Trustfall form a hybrid between spoken word and sentimental raï. Her writing subtly plays with love and despair, she speaks of the living and the dead, of the solitude of being oneself, of the courage to say things.

23:45 > 00:30 CONCERT Heteronormative Queer Non Couple 

Rowan Sawday, known by his stage name Dizraeli, is a British rapper, poet and musician from Bristol, England. Although he is strongly rooted in hip-hop traditions, his work is inspired by ancient folk music, attentive to what connects the songs of the people at any given time in history. For this improvised concert of sung poetry, Dizraeli is accompanied by three musicians from the London hip hop jazz scene.

EVENING 2 /// SA 26 FEB – 20:00 


With Kova Réa as master of ceremonies, Dizraeli & HQNC (Jazz Hip-Hop London-Bristol UK), shows with Doris Arnold, Vaslav de Folleterre, Bo / Kevin Jean, Madga Kachouche, Lynda Rahal, Lalla Rami, Nina Santes. 

23:00 > 23:30 CONCERT Dizraeli & live band 

23:30 > 01:00 CLUBBING / BOOTY BASS NGAIO DJ, singer, songwriter, spoken word artist… 

NGAIO is a multi-faceted artist who can deliver a powerful set, heartfelt words or complex jazz harmonies with a voice straight out of the 1940s with equal ease. Anchored in Bristol’s underground scene, NGAIO has been federating a collective of Booty Bass DJs since 2018: a platform she also sees as a place to express herself and open up to more female and non-binary DJs from the South West of England. + SA 26 FEB / FROM 13:30 On registration for those with a ticket for La Nuit.
Registration: 13:30 > 18:00 PERFORMANCE LE TEMPS DE RIEN by Bo / Kevin Jean Le temps de rien proposes a privileged contemplative device for a spectator and a perfomer. Through a glass floor device, Bo / Kevin Jean dances above the spectator lying in a relaxed position.

13:30 > 15:30 CONSENT WORKSHOP with Diane Saint-Réquier – Sexy SouciS 

Diane from the Sexy SouciS collective invites you to create a space for discussion and reflection on consent. What kind of night do we want to create to feel free and safe? How, based on our experiences, can we imagine together a more beautiful party for all? Sexy SouciS is a feminist collective committed to sexual health and harm reduction.

16:00 > 17:00 OPEN THE WAY WORKSHOP with Nina Santes and Vaslav de Folleterre 

A vibratory warm-up, a way to open the way, and the voice too.

17:30 > 19:00 LAP DANCE WORKSHOP with Doris Arnold 

Doris Arnold leads a lap dance workshop, a dance that pushes us to explore our sensuality, teaches us to offer ourselves to the gaze of the other, and to dare to take on our desires.


Magda Kachouche is the keeper of the TURFU tent, a safe and open space where we can share practices, thoughts and rest.

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