Ève Magot, 2024

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FUTURE GARDEN / CLUB SABOTAGE proposes a rewritting of the founding myth of Genesis where the act of creating the world would no longer be limited to a beginning and an end.

At the beginning everything was trans, and that was good.

From my experience as a trans woman and from the way my trans-ness rearranges the world every seven days, I will tell a genesis that would be a perpetual, collective and changing practice, a creation of the world in which to dip our hands.

Who creates you ? Who do you create ?
Is 7 days long enough to make a world ?
For whom do you make it and how ? Who would you be in this world ?
It is not always easy to create yourself. It requires desire, work, courage. Is it easier to do it together ?
Do you think we really have a choice ?

At the crossroads of the Garden of Eden and the strip club, we will build alternative and fanciful narratives of Genesis, a text that justifies a rigid and binary gender system. We will do this from our marginal and socially deviant existences, cultivating transformations of self and our worlds to survive and above all live.

To allow catharsis, but also to celebrate ourselves through the pleasure that drives life and the creation of futures for all of us. We will share love, gentleness, our struggles, our commitments to transform realities that are too violent and unjust.

By continuing the choices initiated in the creations To the point (2021) and Time for nothing (2022), I will propose relationships of proximity and direct connections with the public.

These proposals to participate, physically or symbolically, will echo the difficulty of transition. To its cost in energy and resources as well as their depletion in me and on Earth.

Who can pedal to turn my tray ?
Who can read a magical text ?
Who can witness what is being built ?
Who can slow dance to spread love ?
Who wants to receive a lap dance to cultivate desire ?
Who can be the sun and make shadows tremble ?

Conception, performanceÈve Magot
Writing & dramaturgy collaborationArsène Marquis
Video creationTomas Cali Dos Anjos
Technical contactMatéo Provost
Administration, production & diffusionBarbara, Coffy, Tiphanie Chauvin
Light Louise Rustan
ProductionLa Fronde – Nina Santes & Ève Magot
Coproduction (in progress)With the help of: L’échangeur – CDCN Hauts-de-France, Fr (within the framework of “Studio Libre”)
FACT – Festival Arts et Création Trans, Lyon, Fr
Festival Trente Trente, Bordeaux, Fr
Jerk Off Festival, Paris, Fr
REBISH Festival, Toulouse, Fr

Provisional partners :
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  • EN