CLEA – La Briqueterie, CDCN Val-de-Marne

Ève Magot & La Fronde, 2015

In 2015 Ève Magot & La Fronde create a tailor-made artistic project as part of a local contract for artistic education (CLEA), in collaboration with La Briqueterie CDCN Val-de-Marne, the ministry of culture and the city of Vitry-sur-Seine.

We intervened as a team and this adventure took place thanks to Alexis Jestin, Bastien Lefèvre, Nina Santes, Laura Taubman and Mathieu Zurcher; as well as with the help of the City of Vitry-sur-Seine, the DRAC Île-de-France and La Briqueterie CDC du Val-de Marne.

Numbers :

118h of workshop
84 participants from 8 to 89 years old
6 differents groupes
4 intervening artistes : Ève Magot, Alexis Jestin, Nina Santes, Laura Taubman
2 pieces toured : La 36ème Chambre et Des Paradis
1 participative piece created : Des Autres Paradis
1 photo exhibition

Dance is practiced, lived, ephemeral and leaves few traces outside of what has been stirred in the participants. They are the bearers of these experiences and the transformations that result from them.
The desire to share these experiences led us to think about the means and media necessary to create traces and especially to go beyond the support of memories.
We built and thought them as integral parts of this global creation: films, photos, videos, performances:

Some Other Paradises | 30 minutes piece for 15 dancers created with the participants and with the collaboration of Alexis Jestin.

CONSTRUIRE /\ SURRECTION | film by Laura Taubman with Nina Santes.

NENA PAULE SIMONE SUZANNE MICHELLE | film by Laura Taubman with Ève Magot and the grannies from retirement home in Ivry-Vitry, Fr.

-Portraits Some Other Paradises : a series of photos of teenagers and children from the House for Everybody in Villejuif, Fr, by Ève Magot in collaboration with Matthieu Zurcher.

Leurs mots :

Thank you for all the human dough that you knew how to shape with us. You know how to create symbiosis. Your approach is extremely pleasant and the universe you have created has a liberating tenderness.

My notion of paradise has changed since then: it is more colorful, it undulates, it vibrates, it is filled with the color, the warmth, the scent of our encounter.

It was such a beautiful project, thanks to all of you, for your individuality and your ability to listen… It’s quite rare to be able to establish this quality of bonding in a group, with the added bonus of exciting (and liberating) content and dance material. What to make it an island of memory.

I had an intense, gentle, lively and stimulating time with you. I felt, I learned and I discovered many things through these workshops. I got a lot of inspiration from the very different bodies of each of you, from the ideas, the universes of Kevin and Alex. It made me vibrate my body and open my mind. I thank you SO MUCH!

And yeah, it’s hard to leave these heavenly islands that we have commonly inhabited during these last 4 weeks…
But I was thinking to myself yesterday that this experience was necessarily inscribed in us from now on, that it had left a trace somewhere in our body, that it was therefore indelible.

This was my first multi-hour workshop. I was lucky enough to meet a great duo with Kevin and Alexis and a helpful and caring group. I thank you for that. I must admit I was still waving last night and I did not want to remove the varnish on my nails even if it did not match my outfit of the day… Stephanie.


Here you can discover some examples of the interventions carried out by La Fronde.

The artists of La Fronde are experts in transmitting and creating devices for sharing their living arts and their works (dances, singings, choreographies, performance techniques).

They are trained, qualified and defend pedagogies that move away from relationships of domination and violence and encourage cooperation, the enhancement of self and differences, artistic practices as arts of transformation.

Our artistic practices take different forms and are designed to be shared: sometimes during performances, sometimes during practice times and workshops in which the participants are actors and physically engage in the discovery of our worlds.

We refuse the border between stage practice and practice with the public, as well as the devaluation of the latter. The research we carry out takes different forms: sometimes we need to be alone or with privileged collaborators, sometimes we need and want to open our experiments to a wider public.

We co-create meeting and practice devices tailored to the reflections that drive us and the partnerships that we develop.

Contact us if you wish that we imagine and design together interventions on measures in your theaters, in school, hospital (IME, EPHAD, hospital) or prison.

La Fronde’s workshops are open to all: novices, curious people, enlightened amateurs, professionals; and cultivate welcoming and non-discriminatory spaces. They can take the form of :

– time of transmissions and discoveries of the contemporary dance and its fundamentals.

– long time to dive deeper into the technical fundamentals of our arts but also the specific universe of each of our works.

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