Here you can discover some examples of the interventions carried out by La Fronde.

The artists of La Fronde are experts in transmitting and creating devices for sharing their living arts and their works (dances, singings, choreographies, performance techniques).

They are trained, qualified and defend pedagogies that move away from relationships of domination and violence and encourage cooperation, the enhancement of self and differences, artistic practices as arts of transformation.

Our artistic practices take different forms and are designed to be shared: sometimes during performances, sometimes during practice times and workshops in which the participants are actors and physically engage in the discovery of our worlds.

We refuse the border between stage practice and practice with the public, as well as the devaluation of the latter. The research we carry out takes different forms: sometimes we need to be alone or with privileged collaborators, sometimes we need and want to open our experiments to a wider public.

We co-create meeting and practice devices tailored to the reflections that drive us and the partnerships that we develop.

Contact us if you wish that we imagine and design together interventions on measures in your theaters, in school, hospital (IME, EPHAD, hospital) or prison.

La Fronde's workshops are open to all: novices, curious people, enlightened amateurs, professionals; and cultivate welcoming and non-discriminatory spaces. They can take the form of :

– time of transmissions and discoveries of the contemporary dance and its fundamentals.
– long time to dive deeper into the technical fundamentals of our arts but also the specific universe of each of our works.

A few examples:

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