Ève Magot x New Gravity, 2018

The Sweet Way was made at the invitation of TÉAT Champ Fleuri and the famous Reunionese parkour crew New Gravity.

This is a story of people coming together to create a family – their own family in a house where they can find their place and be understood and welcomed in all their differences. A story of young men and women who struggle together to exist in difficult times.

It is about the urgent need to find one’s way, to trace one’s own path, whatever the obstacles encountered along the way. Daily practice is needed to learn to beat the challenges, to use them, to grow, evolve, transform, and not be held back.

Run fast, jump far, and surpass yourself, in speed and in virtuosity, tackling the risks head on.

Little by little, accepting the diversity of our desires and our own complexity, we find sweetness, slowness and tenderness, and the weight falls away.

The Sweet Way is an explosive adventure and an intense struggle, as full of contrasts as the family itself.

We come demanding accountability.

BongouArticle Zerbinette

ConceptionEve Magot
PerformanceÉlii, Kriis Acrostreet, Adeline Ferrard, Momo Said Toto, Tanguy Techer, Lilou Villendeuil
Length45 minutes
ProductionNew Gravity
CoproductionTEAT Champ Fleuri – TEAT Plein Air, Théâtres départementaux de La Réunion

13rd-14th november 2018TEAT Champ Fleury, Saint Denis, Fr
20th october 2018Salle Albert Camus, Tananarive, Madagascar
8th september 2018TEAT Champ Fleury, Saint Denis, Fr
9th june 2018Lespas, Saint Paul, Fr
25th may 2018TEAT Champ Fleury, Saint Denis, Fr
10th-12th may 2018Tempo Festival, Saint Leu, Fr
13rd-14th march 2018TEAT Champ Fleury, Saint Denis, Fr
6th march 2018TEAT Champ Fleury, Saint Denis, Fr
2nd march 2018Théâtre de Pierrefonds, Saint Pierre, Fr
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