La Fronde, 2023


THE NIGHT is a protean artistic object initiated by La Fronde, which offers unclassifiable aesthetic experiences.

Meetings, sensitive practices, performances, concerts, offbeat cabaret, clubbing… 

THE NIGHT is a gathering space for an ephemeral community, which is part of the duration. We wish to take the time together, to inhabit the dark, to inhabit the theater, to inhabit our bodies and our otherness; a suspended time, outside the usual logic and daily conventions, which allows us to feel, think and do, differently.

We believe that the night is conducive to creation, resistance, transgression, and that within it are born collective visions, possibilities.

The 2023 edition will take the form of a quest summoning pleasure, in all its forms, as a practice of freedom. Through this quest, we will experience the dark, the magic, the metamorphosis, and the contact with other living beings…

With THE NIGHT, La Fronde invites artists from the field of choreography, music, and performance to share their universes and practices and to give a magical and political dimension to nighttime gatherings.

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