Nina Santes, 2020

Zombie Republic is a piece to question, to exacerbate a zombie state, in the sense of a “numbness of time, of action, of the whole world” (R. Barthes), and to perform our strategies of awakening, of being alert. (R. Barthes), and to perform our strategies of awakening, of being alert.
What language of the decaying world, of the sick civilization? What can the rolled-up bodies and the underground worlds do?
The zombie body speaks to us of what we do not want to see. A myth shaped by colonial violence, the zombie is a double figure, both grotesque and terrifying, the embodiment of a sum of fears instructed by the dominant culture and the “New World”. He is both alienated victim and anthropophagus, master and slave. The zombie is a wandering body, which creates a form of organized chaos inside and outside of itself. He cancels borders and geographies. He is a threat that always gains ground. He is slow and aimless, but he is sometimes seized by convulsions, repetitive actions, impulses, retching, which he cannot explain. Like a Sumerian mask, it is petrified, neither dead nor alive, dispossessed. A dissociated body, alienated, whose illness is a dance.
The writing of the piece is based on the states of altered perception that certain practices of the breath and the voice can generate. The dissociation between the score of the voice and that of the body provokes a disjunction between what we see and what we hear. The songs and dances emerge as breakthroughs, cries, convulsions. The piece is nourished by a work on saturated songs and throat singing, whose traditional function is often to create a passage zone, a bridge between the visible and the invisible, the dead and the living, the rational and the magical.

20th may 2022Le Centre chorégraphique national d’Orléans, Orléans, France
5th – 8th april 2022La Grange de Dorigny, UNIL, Lausanne, Switzerland
28th september – 1st october 2021Les Subs, Lyon, Fr
22nd june 2021Latitudes Contemporaines, Lille, Fr
9th april 2021Atelier de Paris / CDCN, Fr
25th – 27th november 2020Les Subs, Lyon, Fr | POSTPONED : october 2021
4th july 2020Le Belluard Festival, Suisse | CANCELED
3rd – 4th june 2020Festival June Events, CDCN Atelier de Paris | POSTPONED : 8 et 9 avril 2021
6th – 7th february 2020Première, Festival Antigel, Genève, Swiss
25th january 2020Avant-première, Festival Parallèle, Marseille, Fr
Conception, choreography, musical compositionNina Santes
MakingBetty Tchomanga, Soa de Muse, Olivier Normand (research & creation), Nina Santes
Dramaturgy collaboratorLynda Rahal
Light designAnnie Leuridan
Creation and sound designNicolas Martz, Aurélien Pitaval
Scenography and costume designPauline Brun
Costume designGabrielle Marty
Scenography construction assistantAntonin Hako
Vocal search and creationin collaboration with Jean-Baptiste Veyret-Logerias, Roberto Moura, Emilie Domergue
General managementBia Kaysel
InternsFélix Philippe (sound), Louise Rustan (lights) et Elie Fonfrède (Dance)
Production and administrationLa Fronde – Cloé Julien-Guillet, Élodie Perrin, Camille Balaudé, Alice Marrey

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